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About the Lessons

T.O.D. Johnston’s Bible study lessons are thoroughly researched and written from a layman’s perspective. The Holy Bible commentaries are based on Bible study lessons that T.O.D. taught at Paran Baptist Church (located at 1603 Johnsonville Highway, Lake City, South Carolina). T.O.D.’s “Bible Study Lessons on Various Subjects” is primarily based on a series of lessons he taught at Paran Baptist Church.

Our Mission

All studies are dedicated for knowledge, understanding, and inspiration as we seek to follow Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We hope these Christian writings will enlighten your understanding of Scripture. We aim to share the love of God and knowledge about the Bible with as many people as possible. As such, all Bible study lessons are available as free online PDF books. We also publish most of the Bible study lessons as beautiful, professionally bound and printed trade paperback books, and as Kindle e-books.

List of Bible Study Lessons by Book

View the full list of lessons at the above page. Each lesson is available for free in printer friendly PDF format. Please also consider purchasing one of our trade paperback books or Kindle e-books. A 15% discount on our “Layman’s Bible Commentary” set and other lessons is also available (discount applies to the print editions only).

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Author’s preface to his Holy Bible commentaries

“After reading many scholarly commentaries on different books of Scripture, it became my mental habit to sift through the minute discussions of individual words and/or phrases, and the quoting of various scholars of the past of many differing opinions, and center on the most logical and inspirational truths that remained. Thus I relied on the studied scholarship of those who had learned the original languages and had read all the previous scholars that had written to get the best possible understanding of Scripture that I, as a non-scholar, could. It seemed that most church members would not attempt to read scholarly works – but would benefit from their knowledge if presented in a plain and straightforward manner, the truths they had perceived. The following commentary is my attempt to do this. May God bless my efforts to the extent that they increase the understanding and faith of the reader.”

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